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The Wiggins Cabin carries a history of determination; the building had been the oldest structure in Ashley County. It had been rescued from dilapidation from its original site and, with great care and work, placed where it stands now and refurbished.

It proudly stood for many years until it was lost to a fire in 2002 leaving only the twin fireplaces. However, the perseverance for the people of Ashley County couldn't be held down by fire - the cabin was, again, rebuilt by hand.

An exact replica now graces the grounds and boasts Crossett's history and pride. The work was proudly all done by hand, as it would have been in the mid-1800s, including brick work, shingles and hewn logs.

It took 18 months and much collaboration with the Arkansas Historical Preservation Society to get the cabin to it's present state. From the outside, you see historical homes - but step through the doors and you're transported back in time!
The 2008 Wiggins Cabin Festival- click the image to view Saturday's events or click here to view Friday's events!
The 2008 Wiggins Cabin Pageant was a great success - with approximately 50 applicants. To view a complete slide show of the 2008 pageant, click here. To view 2008 pageant results, click here.
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